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Comfort Meats Bundle

Comfort Meats Bundle

84 - 4oz Portions (23lbs)

Limited Time Only!

Brrrr... the cold weather is here, and here to stay for a while.

Which means, after a long day working out on the farm in the cold, I can't wait for a hot meal inside.

The Comfort Food Bundle is full of all our favorite slow cooker meats that make that perfect hot meal to warm your bones.

We love the slow cooker foods with how easy they are to prepare and the quality meals they make for our family.

I hope you take advantage of the savings and limited time offer for your family!


Savory Slow Cooker Cuts



  • Smoked Cottage Bacon (12 oz)
  • Shoulder Roast (~2.5 lb) Recipe Here
  • 2 pkgs Smoked ham hocks (sugar free) (~ 2.5 lb) Recipe Here


  • Whole Chicken (~5.5 lbs) Recipe Here
  • 2 Bone Broth (perfect immune booster to sip on or for soup)

This is a limited time offer while supply last. All with some great savings!