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The Wanda Family Farm

Meet your farmers and know their WHY

The beginnings

Joe's family came from the city of Chicago, with no farm background. However, Joe’s parents were concerned about how their food was produced and wanted to make a change. They made the decision to purchase a small 27 acre hobby farm in Harvard, IL. Their mission at the time was to feed their large, growing family with their own vegetables, meats, eggs, and milk. Joe at a young age quickly realized he had a passion for producing food and worked hard to learn all he could about farming as a kid.

Search for Healthy Food

After high school, Joe studied agriculture at the University of River Falls Wisconsin. During that time, he interned and worked on several farms (also met Hannah his lovely farmer's wife in college). After working on an organic, large commercial, and small family farms, Joe and Hannah realized the quality of food starts with the farmer's philosophy. The philosophy that the land, livestock, and environment have a symbiotic relationship that work together and as farmers, we are to respect and be caretakers to that relationship that God so intricately created. After coming to this realization and seeing how the mainstream agriculture industry was heading in a direction more concerned about higher production and profits. He knew it was time grow the family hobby farm into a business and change the course that the farming industry was heading.

Our Mission

In 2018, Joe and Hannah purchased a 77 acre farm near by their parents to begin Wanda Farm and to help provide the local community's families a better source of protein than what's found in the grocery stores. Recognizing the lack of trust between the food industry and the consumer, they are on a mission to transform the agriculture industry, by producing wholesome, nutrient dense food using regenerative farming practices and rebuild trust with the consumer by selling direct to them. We expect our products to be nutrient rich to nourish your body. We expect our products to be convenient to purchase. And we also want to have a relationship with you, so you can know your farmer. Please join our community and be apart of the mission.

From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

Our Belief

We believe God made us to be stewards of our bodies and the land. We take it serious in improving our environment. We believe the soil’s health, the animal’s health, and human’s health all have a symbiotic relationship that work together. When it is all correctly nurtured, the need for chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones are excluded. We are seeking to regenerate the soil, land, and air to help improve the environment for our children's children. Help support us to makes the world a better place!

Our Practices

We treat all our animals here at Wanda Farm as we would family and give them the best quality life that we can offer. We take a holistic approach in our farming practices and seek to raise the animals as nature intended. Our animals go on pastures during the grazing months and in a free-range environment with shelter when pastures are not available during poor weather conditions. We never treat with antibiotics except in a life threatening cases and never feed antibiotics or growth hormones. Providing high quality feed and a comfortable environment for our animals is what makes our products so tasty and healthy.

Building Confidence

We also believe in having a relationship with you, the customer. You are more than just a number. When you purchase from Wanda Farm, you become a member of the farm and apart of the mission for a healthier food system. Our goal is to be transparent on how your food is produced and listen to your feedback.

The Team

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  • Joe
  • Hannah
  • Pete
    Handy Man
  • Titus
    Farmer in Training

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