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We get it, we believe choosing the right food and enjoying it can be simple!

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      Our Agreement To You

      Ethical Standards          

      • No Antibiotics & No Hormones
      • Pasture raised 
      • 100% Grass-fed and finished
      • Environmentally friendly practices

      Creating Trust

      • We encourage building a relationship
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        Our Customers Responses

        "Probably the "tastiest" steak I've ever had! Amazingly buttery, rich taste-like you would get from a REALLY good Ribeye! NEVER had that with a filet or a strip! I'm SO hooked!" ~ John Bruen - Huntley, IL

        "The beef is the best I have ever had. We are burning through steaks like there is no tomorrow and my kids are eating more meat than I have ever been able to get them to eat before. " ~ Mike Tammeling - Chicago, IL

        "Knowing how my pig is raised and cared for was incredibly important to us. The bacon, chops, ham steak, roasts, breakfast sausage and Italian sausage has been better then I ever expected. You won't go wrong with Wanda Farm. Thanks Joe and Hannah. We love you guys!" ~ Sue DiGennerro - Janesville, WI