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No animal by-products

Animals are never fed animal-by products.

Chicken Breast (Bone-less w/skin)

2.2 lbs pkg - 2-3 breast/pkg

Hamburger patties (1/3lbs)

3 Ground Beef Patties (1 lb package)

Beef Stew

1 lb package

Chuck Roast Boneless

~3 lb Boneless Roast


2 - 3.5 lbs

Pork Shoulder Steak

1.5 lb - 2 steaks/pkg

Smoked Bacon Ends

1 lb (Extra Salty)

Beef Short Ribs

~1.5 lb package

Chicken Thighs

avg. 1.5 lb pkg - 2-3 thighs/pkg

Fresh Pastured Eggs

1 Dozen Medium Size Eggs

Whole Turkey (large)

22 lb Turkey (Feeds 18 people)