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1/2 Pastured Hog

1/2 Pastured Hog

$150 Deposit


  • $150 deposit to order. Non-refundable.
  • Pricing is $11/lb packaged weight. 
  • Total price: 70 lbs x $11.00/lb = $770.00*

Total price and weight will differ depending on the size of your pig, selection of smoking, and sausages etc.

How it works

  • Place your pre-order and select your approximate pickup/delivery date at checkout.
  • We will charge your card the deposit amount only.
  • Once your pork share is ready, we will notify you and the remaining amount will be due at pickup/delivery.

Easy & Convenient

  • Choose FREE home delivery or pickup at the farm. (Must be home for our delivery day, Wednesdays or Thursdays)
  • No hidden or extra fees. The price above is the final invoice amount, except sales tax.
  • All cuts of meat will labeled and vacuum packaged for easy identification.

What's included

  • (2) Smoked* ham roast (3-4 lbs roast)
  • (4-6) Smoked* ham steaks
  • (8-10) Smoked* and sliced bacon (1 b packages)
  • (2-3) Shoulder roast (3lbs)
  • (12-14) Pork chops boneless (2 per package)
  • (1) Whole tenderloin
  • (1) Baby back ribs
  • (1) Spare ribs
  • (5-10) Bulk ground breakfast sausage
  • (5-10) Fresh brats

*Our butcher will process the smoked meats without nitrates and MSG. We ensure that you are eating as healthy as possible!