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Nov. 30th Harvest - 1/2 Hog Deposit

Nov. 30th Harvest - 1/2 Hog Deposit

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  • $100 deposit to order. Non-refundable.
  • Once the processor gives us the final carcass weight, the final balance minus deposit will be due.
  • Pricing is $3.6/lb carcass weight plus butcher fees. 
  • Total price: 100 lbs carcass weight x $3.6/lb = $360 + $180(butcher) = $540**
  • Total take home meat = 60-80 lbs 
  • Total take home depends what cuts you choose, how much trim, smoking etc.

**Note the total amount above is an estimate, final weight of animal can be higher or lower and will effect total amount.

How it works

  • Once you complete your pre-order, we will email you a cutting instruction form for how you want your portion processed by the butcher.
  • We will take the live pig to the butcher (Our butcher is Eckman's Processing) and bring back the meat when done to the farm.
  • You will pickup your meat on the farm when it is all ready and we will send you the final bill minus the deposit.

Note: Any smoked items will take up to 6 weeks to cure after the butcher date.

Are you concerned that your pork is all naturally processed? Our butcher can process the meats without nitrates and MSG. We ensure that you are eating as healthy as possible!

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