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Comfort Meats Box

Comfort Meats Box

The Comfort Meat Box is the perfect mix meats perfect for cooking on these cold dreary days. It's time to get your slow cooker out and make some meals that are hearty and warm for the whole family.

Ground Beef for making Chili. Chuck roast and rolled rump roast for pot roast or your favorite slow cooker beef meal. Whole chicken for the slow cooker, pork shoulder for pulled pork. Smoked Ham Hock for split pea soup or just in the slow cooker for incredible melt in your mouth eating experience. Ground Italian sausage for homemade pizza or mix in with your meatballs.


1 - 2.5-3lb Chuck Roast

1 - 3lb Rolled Rump Roast

2 - 1lb Ground Beef

1 - 5lb Chicken

1 - 2.5 lb Pork Shoulder Roast

1 - 2lb Ham Hock

1 - 1lb Italian ground pork