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Starting up the four legged mowers!

May 15, 2022

The month of May is a beautiful time of year and busy, busy, busy! 

I am sure you feel a little overwhelmed too with all this summer heat.

Just a little over a week ago, it was near freezing temps on the farm and this past week, it was like someone hit the switch to turn summer on. lol

80's and 90's, we'll take it! 

This all meant that our pastures finally started to really grow...and I mean REALLY GROW fast!

As I am sure your lawn finally took off too. 

It always surprises me how the quick heat and moisture can grow grass. 

Well as you were getting your mower out, we also had to get our grass mowers out to start trimming our pastures.

Fortunately, on the farm, we don't need to worry about fixing the old carburetor, or flat tire on our mowers, we use an old school mower that's been around forever! 

The COW!

I know I am lame. lol

Check out a little video I made as we moved our mowers out on to pasture!

I love how if we manage the cattle properly, they really will mow your lawn, fertilize it, and produce wonderful nutrient rich beef. Now that's the type of mower I like. 

As you can see the contrast in the picture below, the right side is fresh grass and the left side yesterdays food. They do a nice job mowing! 

Now before you come asking me if you can borrow one of my cows, I can assure you the city will not be happy about a cow in your yard!

Anyways, spring is sure a fun and busy time of year for us on the farm.

What's your favorite part of spring?


Farmer Joe

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