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Baby Wanda Coming

April 4, 2020

This blog post is really personal and I want to be completely honest and share briefly our journey how this really has been a blessing! Our life has not been perfectly planned like we imagined it would, but God has blessed us along the journey and helped us rely on trusting in Him. 

Hannah and I got married in January 2014. We were both two young married adults freshly graduated from college. We had big dreams. We both loved God, family, learning, and the idea of homesteading on a farm. We dreamed together before marriage, and would talk how we imagined it would be. Joe would manage the farm and Hannah would also help on the farm, but mainly would be a home maker. She would manage our home, meals, garden and care for our future children. We wanted lots of kids to help us on the farm. 

Then marriage happened. We found out it doesn't go as planned. The business of life took over, both us working full-time to try and pay the bills. Feeling like we weren't getting ahead and working dead end jobs. Then struggles of infertility, depression issues, marriage problems, and more. But through it all we both had a commitment that we would not give up on our marriage and our future dreams. Thankfully with much support and help from friends, family and God, we have been able to break through some of our struggles over time. We by no means have it figured out, but today as I write this, I do feel a ton of gratitude for where we are today and all the blessings! Hannah has been great at reminding me that "our life is a journey, we can reach our goals, but it won't be the path we have planned". 

We both still work off farm jobs to make ends meet, our marriage still isn't perfect, we still have days of doubt. However, I feel that we are getting closer to our dreams. Now with our first baby on the way, we are feel like we are on cloud nine, which we haven't felt since we first got married. We are super excited! 

Thank you for being apart of our farm and family. You, as our customer, are apart of the dream. We hope that we not only can help you eat healthier, but can be an encouragement to help you reach your personal life purpose!

Please share your comments below! Also we would love to hear your BOY name suggestions??

Joseph Wanda
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