Pre-order Bulk Meat Shares - 1/4, 1/2, or whole

100% Grass-fed and Finished (no grains)

The animal is rotated to new pasture for fresh grass everyday during grazing seasons and grass hay or grass silage during winter. There are no grains in their diet. They are also fed free choice minerals as needed.

Comfort Meats Bundle

84 - 4oz Portions (23lbs)

5 - 5 lb Bulk Pkgs Ground Beef

Ideal for Restaurants

Beef Griller Bundle (Limited Time Offer)

Steaks, burgers, Chicken, & Chicken Brats!

Beef Wieners

4 - 5 links/pkg 8 - 10 oz

Bacon Infused Burger Patties

2 - 5 oz Patties/pkg