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Whole Turkey (large)

Whole Turkey (large)

22 lb Turkey (Feeds 18 people)

Ready for a Pasture raised Turkey for your next holiday meal?!

The tenderness and flavor of this naturally raised pastured turkeys will keep you coming back for more. Be the hero this holiday season with a beautiful Turkey!

These Turkeys were humanely raised out on pasture with fresh grass daily. Never fed GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. The cleanest and most nutrient dense turkey you will find.


Weight range from 18-25 lbs. If you want a specific weight please add that in the checkout notes.


Total price will be calculated at $6.5/lb for pickup at the farm or $7.5/lb for home delivery.

How big of a turkey do I need to feed my thanksgiving party?

We recommend 1.25 lbs of turkey per person. For example a party of 16 people would be a 20lb turkey. We personally always like to plan bigger than our party so to make sure we have leftovers. However this all depends on preference.

Do the Turkey's come frozen or fresh?

All turkeys will be delivered frozen.

How to cook a turkey dinner?

Here's a great article that I found online for cooking turkeys. It's perfect for any beginner. Article