May 26th Butcher Date - 1 Hog Deposit

May 26th Butcher Date - 1 Hog Deposit

160 lbs meat @ $5/lb

Great Value

  • Buy in bulk and save money! Great for big families or sharing with friends.
  • Custom cut allows you to give directions to the butcher how you want your pork processed.
  • Choose size of roast, ham steaks, pork chops, ribs, quantity of breakfast sausage, brats, etc. Don't forget about the BACON!


  • $150 deposit to order. Non-refundable.
  • Pricing is $2.2/lb carcass weight plus butcher fees. 
  • Total price: 216 lbs carcass weight x $2.2/lb = $475 + $320(butcher) = $795**
  • Total take home meat = 140-160 lbs
  • Total take home depends what cuts you choose, how much trim, smoking etc.

**Note the total amount above is an estimate, final weight of animal can be higher or lower and will effect total amount.

How it works

  • We will take live pigs to the butcher and you will be responsible for instructing the butcher how to cut your pork and pickup meat after processing.
  • Once the processor gives us the carcass weight, we will bill you the remaining balance minus deposit and the butcher will bill you separately.
  • Our butcher for Pork is Eikmans, in Seward, IL. 
  • Due to distance of Eikmans. We can pickup your meat and you can pickup from the farm. There is a flat $10 handling fee. Please choose Wanda Farm pickup location for this option.
  • We will contact you as a reminder to contact butcher for cutting directions week of butcher date.
  • Note: Any smoked items will take up to 6 weeks to cure after the butcher date.

Next Butcher Dates May 26th, 2020