Custom Cut Deposit -  Whole Beef (Pre-order)

Custom Cut Deposit - Whole Beef (Pre-order)

532 lbs of beef @ $6.69/lb
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$400.00 $400.00
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Great Value

  • Buy in bulk and save money! A whole cow is for serious beef eaters that will share among several families.
  • Custom cut allows you to give directions to the butcher how you want your beef processed. 
  • Choose your steaks and thickness, roasts and size, quantity of ground beef, and organs, etc. It's a fun way to experience all the cuts of a cow!


      • $400 deposit to order. Non-refundable.
      • Pricing is $3.90/lb carcass weight plus butcher fees. 
      • Total price: 760 lbs carcass weight x $3.90/lb = $2964 + $600 (butcher) = $3564** 
      • Total take home meat - 532lbs 
        **Note the total amount above is an estimate, final weight of animal can be less or more and will change total amount. 

      How it works

      • We will take live beef animal to the butcher and you will be responsible for instructing the butcher how to cut you beef and pickup after processing.
      • Once the processor gives us the carcass weight, we will bill you the remaining balance minus deposit and the butcher will bill you separately.
      • Our butchers for beef are Sorgs in Darien, WI or Lake Geneva Country Meats in Lake Geneva, WI. 
      • We will contact you as a reminder to contact butcher for cutting directions week of butcher date.
      • Next butcher date is August 20th 2019 at Sorgs butcher.