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October Harvest - 1/2 Beef - Grass-fed Only

October Harvest - 1/2 Beef - Grass-fed Only

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Great Value

  • Buy in bulk and save money! Great for big families or sharing with friends. This is the most economical way to buy beef. 
  • Custom cut allows you to give directions to the butcher how you want your beef processed.
  • Choose your steaks and thickness, roasts and size, quantity of ground beef, and organs, etc. It's a fun way to experience all the cuts of a cow!

How it works

  • Once you complete your pre-order, we will email you a cutting instruction form for how you want your portion processed.
  • We will take live beef to the butcher and you will be responsible for picking up the beef at the Wanda Farm (This is not available for home delivery at this time).
  • We will contact you as a reminder the week of butcher date to let you know it's almost ready (it typically takes 3 weeks to process).
  • Then let you know when it is ready to pickup here at the farm. All the butcher fees will be forwarded to your final bill.


  • We will initially charge your credit card a $100 for the deposit. Non-refundable.
  • Once the processor gives us the final carcass weight, the final balance minus deposit will be due.
  • Pricing is $5.25/lb carcass weight plus butcher fees. 
  • Total price: 320 lbs carcass weight x $5.25/lb = $1680 + $320 (butcher) = $2000
  • Total take home meat = 200-220 lbs (will vary depending on cuts chosen). ~ $9.75/lb

*Note the total amount above is an estimate, final weight of animal is subject to change, which will change total price. 

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