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Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs

Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs

1 Dozen Large Size Eggs

Highest Quality

Looking for the most nutritious eggs? Look no further. Our pasture raised eggs are the best eggs in quality; from the nutrition, color, and robust flavor they offer. 

These hens have a wonderful life on pasture to roam wherever they like outside. 

Their diets contain forages from the pasture, seeds or bugs they may find, and supplemented with GMO-free grains to complete their diet. We promise these will be the most highly nutritious eggs you can find.

Always Fresh Eggs

Ready for the freshest eggs? All of our home delivery orders will receive eggs no older than 7 days of being laid! In most cases they will be less than 3 days old. 

Eggs in the grocery store today are already 2 months old by the time you purchase them. 

No need to worry about your eggs going bad or losing their freshness. We also have a little secret to keep them even fresher!

Natural Pasture Bloom Protection

We leave what's called the BLOOM on the eggs. Most eggs are washed before they arrive at the grocery store, but this removes the natural protective bloom layer and lowers the shelf life and forces eggs to be refrigerated, thus losing it's freshness faster. With the bloom on your eggs, they will stay fresh for up to 12 week in the refrigerator, or 3 weeks left at room temperature. That's right 12 weeks! Now you may be wondering, does that mean I need to wash the eggs? Nope, we have a special way to keep the eggs clean, I explain in the video below. This is a common practice in Europe.

Add on

This product is meant to be an add on with our meat orders. Free delivery only with minimum order of $150 of total products. For eggs only please consider our subscriptions.