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December Harvest - Whole Hog Deposit

December Harvest - Whole Hog Deposit

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  • $100 deposit to order. Non-refundable.
  • Pricing is $8.5/lb packaged weight plus butcher fees. 
  • Total price: 140 lbs x $8.5/lb = $1190 + $450 (butcher) = $1640*

Total price and weight will differ depending on the size of your pig, selection of smoking, and sausages etc.

Home delivery price is not included and cost extra at a rate of $1/lb.

Note: Any smoked items will take up to 6 weeks to cure after the butcher date.

How it works

  • Once you complete your pre-order, we will email you a cutting sheet
  • We will contact you when it is all ready to pickup at the farm.

What's included

  • (4) Smoked* bone-in ham roast (4-6 lbs roast)
  • (10-12) Smoked* ham steaks
  • (16-20) Smoked* and sliced bacon (1 lb)
  • (4-6) Bone-in shoulder roast (3lbs)
  • (24-28) Pork chops boneless (2 per package)
  • (2) Whole tenderloin
  • (2) Baby back ribs
  • (2) Spare ribs
  • (20) Bulk ground breakfast sausage
  • (20) Fresh brats

*Our butcher can process the meats without nitrates and MSG. We ensure that you are eating as healthy as possible!

Whole hog will be the same cuts, just 2x the amount of meat that's in the video.