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Cows living it up in the Winter!

Every winter, one of the common questions I get from our customers and friends is how do the animals fair in this cold, snowy winter weather. This week, I thought that I would take a short video of what the cows life is like when they don't have green grass to graze.Fortunately, the benefit of you knowing your farmer is you get to personally see the behind the scenes view of what is actually going on at our farm.Watch the video and check them out for yourself.While this our way of caring for the cattle during the winter, we are always learning from other regenerative farmers and their style. I don't think one way fits all. The reality is cattle are very hardy animals and we probably go above and beyond with providing the shelter and fresh bedding. I know many successful herds, that get away with just having an area in the pasture that has a good wind break (such as a wooded area), and some bedding on top of the snow. There are certainty pros and cons to all the different winter housing methods. I would say as our herd grows, we will continue to experiment with different ideas.Thanks for watching and feel free to make comments or ask questions.I look forward to next time as I will share how make the hay to feed the cows during the winter!


Happy St. Nicolas Day!Growing up on December 6th my parents would fill stockings my mom had hand crafted for each of us kids with little chocolates and a small gift in celebration of St. Nicolas Day. We all affectionately called it STOCKING DAY!! and were thrilled with a mini Christmas morning celebration and treat before Christmas! When Joe and I got married I insisted on keeping this tradition and filled him a stocking with specialty cheeses and beef sticks and jerky (he is not a chocoholic me :P). This year I got to follow in my mom’s footsteps and hand craft Titus his own stocking to fill each year! :DFamily held traditions give us lasting cherished memories and a warm sense of belonging as we share common practices. What are some special family traditions you enjoy?